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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

A floral, sweet, delicate and fresh scent that is a soothing and feminine fragrance that offers soft floral undertones. It is a pure, clean scent that is reminiscent of a cool spring afternoon.


Product Description

Our natural soy wax candles are sustainable and blended with high-quality fragrances and hand-poured into recyclable/refill and elegant glass jars with beautiful wooden lids to provide your home with a delicately scented steady burn time of up to 90 hours, (depending on size). Our candles are presented in a beautiful design box (which may change from time to time), providing you with the perfect gift for all occasions.



Glass size: H 83mm D 70mm

Approx burn time: 30-35 hours

Net wt: 150g e



Glass size: H 93mm D 78mm

Approx burn time: 40-45 hours

Net wt: 250g e  


 Candle Care

Always remove the candle cover prior to lighting. Always burn on a protected, non-combustible, heat-resistant surface. Handle candles with care as containers may become hot.  

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