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About Us

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Having worked in Further Education for over a decade, we realised that we needed something that would help me relax and unwind other than Red Wine. We found our niche in creating natural skincare and home fragrance as a tool to help me de-stress and relax after a challenging day at work. As a parent to two wonderful children with extremely sensitive skin, we were constantly looking for natural products to help combat their dry and itchy skin which was caused by various factors.


In 2017 we started our journey into making natural skincare and luxurious home fragrances at home. We found that engaging in natural and luxurious product-making provided me with the peace and joy needed to destress while also providing a solution to our children’s skin problems. Making our own natural products for skincare resulted in spending less time and money on skincare products full of ingredients that we could not trust. We have undergone various high-quality training, tested our products and attended several successful market stalls. We decided to take another leap of faith and launched our own very own line of products - La Rose Noire Candles and Soaps.


La Rose Noire was launched in 2020 based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. We create, design, and provide natural, elegant, luxurious, animal-free tested products for your home and skin. Our products are inspired by nature which is why we use materials that have not been tested on animals, natural materials of the highest quality and brings healing, peace of mind to your skin and calmness to your home. All our products are environmentally friendly/safe and are made from raw materials that are grown and sourced locally in the United Kingdom when they are at their peak of maturity and the concentration of active ingredients is highest.

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Our Philosophy

We pledge to provide skincare that is gentle and moisturising on any skin type and suitable for all ages.

Our home fragrance range is designed to bring elegant scents to your environment to uplift and

re-energise/ replenish. All our products are environmentally safe, clean, using superior ingredients and high-quality oil blends with a contemporary approach.

Contact Us

La Rose Noire specialise in luxury soy wax candles, soaps and other self-care products. We are based in Buckinghamshire but ship our goods all across the UK. For collaboration opportunities, product enquiries or testimonials, please get in touch.

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